Fire, Cyclone & Flood Disaster Management and Recovery Forum

15th Nov 17

Attend the Fire, Cyclone & Flood Disaster Management and Recovery Forum in Brisbane and be where the leading experts and visionaries will gather!

29 November – 1 December 2017, Novatel, Brisbane

EHA are proud partners of this years Fire, Cyclone & Flood Disaster Management and Recovery Forum.

Disasters such as Black Saturday, Cyclone Larry, and Cyclone Debbie have continued to surprise mankind by unleashing its destructive power swiftly and unexpectedly. The catastrophes, unspeakable tragedies, and gargantuan losses behove an urgent and critical need to institutionalize post-natural disaster resilience.

According to a Deloitte Access Economics Report, the total annual cost of natural disasters in Australia is expected to increase from $9 billion to $33 billion by 2050. In New Zealand, insurance claims from natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods have breached the 15,000 mark, according to an Aon catastrophe report.

“Building back the Nation’s Resilience to Natural Disaster” - Preparedness, Reduction, Readiness, and Response & Recovery are thus essential in limiting the damage on people and communities. In recent years, efforts in disaster management have gained momentum from the unprecedented advances in information, communication, and innovation technologies, with wideranging
applications in disaster preparedness, mitigation, and management.

To build a resilient ANZ requires a paradigm shift from a response-recovery governance to a risk-sensitive development approach, and a stronger attempt in regional co-operation for managing trans-boundary disasters. With this in mind, we cordially invite you to the Fire, Cyclone & Flood Disaster Management and Recovery Forum on 29 November – 1 December 2017 to join the discussion with our stellar speaker lineup from the government, academic, and private sectors in the region.

Delegates will find out more about the key methodologies and strategies deployed in disaster management planning — how to avoid potential losses; provide prompt and appropriate support to the victims; how to roll out rescue effort rapidly during a disaster event; and minimize vulnerability risk through the greater adoption and use of innovative technology & tools such as drones, developing firefighting tech, and big data.

This forum will be an excellent opportunity to promote resilience by creating and deepening public and private sector partnerships. You can also maximize your forum experience by attending the keynote sessions and workshops where you will gain insights from many regional case studies of effective implementation of recovery and emergency communications during and after disasters.

For more information and how to register go to the Forum Website.