National Board

National Board

The members of the national board are:

Philip Swain National President Western Australia
Melissa Burn National Vice-President Tasmania
Joseph Zappavigna National Treasurer and Secretary Western Australia
Vince Stephens Director Queensland
Wendy Gambley Director Queensland
Mark Dwyer Director Victoria
Glenys Nicholls Director Tasmania
David Basso Director New South Wales
Dr Andrew Mathieson Director
Dr Kirstin Ross Director South Australia
Helen Psarras Director South Australia

Annual General Meeting

The EHA Annual General Meeting for 2019


Environmental Health Australia Limited

will be held

at 5.15 pm


Tuesday 5th November 2019

At Flinders in the City

Victoria Square

Adelaide, South Australia


The Annual General Meeting will:

  • Confirm, the minutes from the AGM held on 29 October 2018;
  • Enable the National President to deliver a report on activities over the past twelve months;
  • Appoint an Auditor for the EHA financial accounts for 2019-2020 and
  • Announce the Directors on the Board.

Constitution Items 31, 32 and 34 outlines the composition and board procedures including that half of the Board must stand down at each AGM, whilst still being eligible for re-election.

Section 16 of the Constitution enables a Member on the Board has the right to appoint a proxy. If a proxy is to be appointed, the details must be received by the close of business on Monday 29 October 2019.

Minutes from AGM on 29 October 2018