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The National Board of Environmental Health Australia is proud to announce the launch of our new “Clique Community" web forum.  

Since the start of the current pandemic we know all Members have been working hard in difficult times.  Some have been close to the action, with roles directly related to the pandemic such as contact tracing, while others have been maintaining traditional roles with dramatically increased degrees of difficulty. No matter what a Members role has been we have all been seeking and providing information in increasingly focussed ways in these unprecedented times.  It is therefore timely that Environmental Health Australia is now in a position to launch our new forum for members to liaise on a variety of subjects, ask questions, get timely responses and maintain contacts and networks as never before.

Before you get started, please read these basic community guidelines to be adhered to at all times:

Clean Language. Please avoid crude language and the use of profanities.

Respect members. This community is to support one another in our growth and development as professionals - consider your comments before posting.

Keep posts relevant. Posts/threads need to relate to the group they are in (eg, do not post something about food safety in the water quality group). EH is a diverse profession and often topics will over lap; if that is the case, please choose the group most suited to your question/comment. If your topic doesn't seem to fit into a category, please post to the general discussion group. *requests for new groups can be submitted to

Don't make duplicates. Please check if a similar topic exists before creating your own.

Contribute to the topic. This forum has been set up to encourage discussion between members on relevant EH topics. If you have knowledge or experience on a topic being discussed please share.

Be professional. This forum is for professional networking and communications activities only. If you would like to talk socially with someone please do so through LinkedIn/Facebook.

So it is with a great deal of enthusiasm that your Board launches this online community and encourages all Members to get online and get more involved in the contemporary issues confronting the Environmental Health Profession.



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