Continuous Professional Development

CPD Policy

EHA is committed to the professional development of its members to ensure they maintain the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to enhance environmental health standards and services to the community and continually improve environmental health professional practice.

CPD is an ongoing process throughout a member’s career and this policy outlines the framework that will guide members in maintaining, improving and broadening their skills and knowledge, to continue to develop the competences required to practice as an Authorised Officer/ Environmental Health Officer (EHO).

CPD may be part of the minimum requirements imposed under respective State or Territory legislation, for continuing employment as an EHO.

CPD is to be undertaken in accordance with the Continuing Professional Development Framework.

The CPD cycle runs over the financial year from 1July to 30 June. CPD is calculated based on the time spent engaging in the activity i.e. a one hour activity equates to one CPD point.

A minimum of 20 hours of CPD in each CPD cycle is required by participants and that CPD should demonstrate:

  • a balance across the skill development areas; and
  • a range of types of CPD activities.


To be eligible to participate in the EHA CPD scheme a person must be a member, part-time member, associate member, part-time associate member, fellow or life fellow of an EHA State Association.

Continuing Professional Development Policy

To enter your CPD information, contact your local State Association to obtain an EHA Member's login.