Contractor Database

Contractor Database

EHA National has implemented a Consultants Register on the EHA Website, which will be accessible either through the National or States Website pages.

The National Board has designed the Application and Registration Form and determined the Application and Annual Registration fee.

If you are a Member of a State Association, then the Annual Registration fee for your Consultancy to be listed on the Register is $340.00 including GST.

However, if you are not a Member of a State Association, your Annual Registration will also include an Application Fee. Therefore, you cost will be: -

  • Application Fee $340.00 including GST; and
  • Annual Registration Fee $340.00 including GST.

Please find attached the Application and Registration Form for your completion and submit the completed form with your fee to EHA National.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kelli at (07) 3554 0115 or 0448 606 001.


Vincent Stephens