Benefits of membership

There are many benefits of EHA membership including:

  • National conference – each year EHA holds a national conference. This provides members with the opportunity to gain information on current national and international issues, present their own research or best practice examples, and offers extensive networking opportunities. Members receive a substantial discount on the conference registration fee.
  • Association conference – each year Associations run their own conferences and members receive a substantial discount on the conference registration fee.
  • Regional Group and Special Interest Group meetings – many Associations have regional groups and/or special interest groups (SIGs) who hold regular meetings at which relevant issues are discussed. Members receive a discount on the meeting registration fee.
  • National and Association Newsletters – the National organisation and each State Association publishes regular newsletters that provide updates on national and state issues.
  • Professional products – EHA has developed and continues to develop products to assist environmental health practitioners and industry to address current environmental health issues. This includes: the FoodSafe® Training Program and range of products (e.g. Manuals, Guides for EHOs and Proprietors, workbooks, videos and apparel); AFSA (Australian Food Safety Assessment); conference proceedings; I’M ALERT Food Safety Online training program.
  • Workshops and Seminars – EHA (and in particular Associations) run a range of training courses and workshops each year on issues such as disaster management, food safety and risk assessment. Members receive substantial discounts on the course costs.
  • Website – EHA maintains this website which provides information for members and non-members on both EHA and general environmental health topics. This includes updates on current issues, current policies, and links to various environmental health sites.
  • International links – EHA is a member of the International Federation of Environmental Health and maintains strong links with the New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in the UK.
    Networking – through the various conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings run by EHA, members have the opportunity to network and exchange information with other practitioners who work in both government and private sectors.
Benefits of membership