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25th Sep 20

National Food Safety Week LiveChat

Click on the heading above to view the EHA National Food Safety Week LiveChat facilitated by EHA on Friday 13 November 2020.


World Environmental Heath Day LiveChat

Click on the heading above to watch the LiveChat interviews hosted by EHA on Friday 25 September 2020.

EHA is honoured to join the International Federation of Environmental Health in celebrating World Environmental Health Day on September 26. This partnership was built to raise global awareness about today’s most pressing environmental health concerns.

This year's theme is "Environmental Health, A Key Public Health Intervention in Disease Pandemic Prevention." Key to the implementation of disease prevention measures are environmental health professionals. They play a vital role in disaster preparedness and response, as well as disease and outbreak investigation and prevention. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental health professionals across the globe are using their knowledge, skills, and abilities to face the current challenges and protect the communities they serve in a wide variety of ways. 

EHA has joined with 37 environmental health organisations from across the globe to issue a declaration (drafted by NEHA) in support for World Environmental Health Day and the environmental health workforce. Together we are unified in our applause of the character, dedication, and service of our colleagues.