AS4674-2004: Design, construction and fit-out of a food premises

21st Nov 23

EHA is taking the lead on reviewing the Australian Standard 4674-2004 (Construction and fit out of food premises).

This Standard was developed by a working group of environmental health professionals in 2004 and is widely used across Australia as the provision for compliance in the construction and design of food premises.

Standards Australia has indicated that AS 4674 has been "withdrawn" due to the Standard being 10 years old.  As there is not a Standard to replace AS 4674, this Standard is still able to be used and referenced in industry until a revised standard becomes available.

In reviewing AS 4674, it does have sections which need to be updated to make allowances for new innovations, new building materials and best practice.

EHA established a national working group to review AS 4674-2004 (Construction and fit out of food premises), and has prepared a proposal for Standards Australia to review.  The working group is being led by Lisa Hughes and Stuart Nunn.  The revised Standard will be subject to a public consultation period where stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide comment.

Together we can review and improve the Standard to ensure the safety of all food premises across Australia.